I feel like I’ve just discovered gold! Am I the last one to know about Designtripper?! I am worried this may be one of those things you discover only to find out everybody and their brother already knows about it and uses it…but just in case…

Designtripper is this totally fantastic travel blog/destination review site. Designed for those who enjoy travel and all it en-tales (not tourists)…Designtripper features wonderfully photographed,inspiring and unique destinations that will leave you begging for a holiday!

I love how diverse each destination is and that Designtripper vows to “never to tell you the thread count of bedding, and we don’t care what celebrity slept in what room” . They say: “make no mistake: We are not brokers. We do not handle your reservations, book your plane ticket or make your bed in the morning. We tell the story of that 200-year-old family-owned hacienda a dirt path from the beach that looks far more interesting and chic than any five-star resort.”

Even if I must resist the urge to immediately start packing my suit case to somewhere like, Garzon, Uruguay (omg!)…the reviews & photography alone are often like a little mini vacation…check it out!

Happy Travels Friends!


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