thoughtful comfort food.

I HATE being sick in the summer! This week has been just plain and simple: awful. My little family slowly got sicker and sicker until yesterday where we hit rock bottom and thankfully today, things seem to be looking up. Through all the body aches, croup, snotty noses, etc., there was one delightful moment…

I should preface this by saying that my sister-in-law is basically martha stewart…look what she brought me!


Fresh blueberry SCONES!!!! Ready to be popped in the oven and come out all warm and comforting.


She even brought strawberry jam & clotted-cream in little baby-food containers.


Paired with dark coffee, fresh cherries and lemon curd…it was comfort food for sure, and our tummies thanked us (:


During such a dismal week it was the perfect gesture, and greatly appreciated!



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