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Living Vines + Some Weekend Links

Last weekend we went to our local arboretum for the grand opening of a huge rhododendron garden.  Among the trees and pathways were these beautiful and exotic “creatures”. Towering high with stilts on both their arms and legs they slowly made there way through the crowds. Pausing now and again to arch in 8 foot tall back-bends to act as arbors over the paths we were walking along. They entirely blew me away. It totally felt like we were in some other world, some children’s book come alive.


A song to start off your weekend.

This chore list seemed insane at first but now I’m totally inspired.

Have you seen these painfully funny engagement photos?

Aren’t these pantone flashcards awesome for teaching colors?

These delicious grilled pineapple kebabs were a huge hit at my dad’s 60th.

What a sweet idea for a new mom to be!!! (this is not necessarily a hint)

As always you can find more of what’s been inspiring me HERE or follow along HERE.

Enjoy your long weekend!




Summer is almost here and everything has burst to life in the last few weeks. This time of year always inspires a huge health boost for me as I look to shed that winter sluggishness and embrace all the newness with extra vibrancy.  So I think now would be a great time to share our Kombucha recipe with you guys to inspire some detoxifying and refreshing times to come! Continue reading